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Sylvestre A. BADOU

Molecular systematic and modelling the growth of Boletes in West Africa

Boletes represent a large taxonomically complex group of Basidiomycota (Fungi). They are important Ectomycorrhizal symbiotes in Tropical Africa where they promote the growth of indigenous and exotic trees, thus playing a central role in the functioning of tropical African forest ecosystems. Likewise, molecular taxonomic and phylogenic of Boletes have long attracted the attention of mycologists most of them focusing on morphological and / or chemical characteristics. However, the understanding of the morphological and phylogenetic evolution within Boletes remains less studied and questionable in Africa. Through this dissertation, I am aiming at: (i) characterizing the diversity of Boletes through multiple genes DNA phylogeny and (ii) contribute to a better understanding of the response of Boletes to environmental factors in order to predict their natural production.

Pulveroboletus sokponianus, Badou et al., 2018

Afroboletus luteolus (Heinem.) Pegler & T.W.K., 2018