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Natural production of mushrooms and environmental factors

Natural production of mushrooms and environmental factors

MyTIPS is also interested in all aspects related to the measures of diversity and natural production of edible mushrooms as well as all the biotic and abiotic factors that govern these natural productions. We also address any aspects related to sustainable development of natural production, as well as the domestication and cultivation of edible mushrooms.

Amanita loosii,
one edible EcM
mushroom (© NS Yorou)

Russula oleifera, one common
edible EcM mushroom in
Soudanian woodlands (© NS Yorou))

Isoberlinia-dominated woodlands
from the Wari-Maro reserve forest
(© André De Kesel, in such woodlands
natural production of 3 edible
mushrooms amount 300 kg/ha/an)

Establishing added value
Chain of WEF in Angaradebou
village (© AG Laourou)