Research on fungi to optimize their utility
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Olivia Fadeyi

Bioactivity in tropical African pore fungi (Polyporales, Fungi)

The ultimate goal of my PhD thesis is to identify antimicrobial properties from fungi commonly used in traditional medicine to help documenting interesting compounds useful as therapeutic drugs. Specially, we will isolate, ferment and elucidate the chemical structure of the identified molecules and screen for anti-infectious and anti-cancer activities of target fungal taxa. The results will be use to sustain national public health system, as to help pharmaceutical industries to develop fungi-based drugs to fight against numerous diseases, especially in the context of emerging infectious diseases on the African continent and worldwide.

Laetiporus bodognii in natural habitat, Okpara forest, Benin (BOUKARY, 2020)

Ganoderma lucidum in natural habitat, Okpara forest, Benin (BOUKARY, 2020)


(, 11/06/2020)