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Jean Evans CODJIA

Molecular phylogeny, evolution, ecology and toxicity studies of genus Amanita from West Africa

Fungi represent one of the wonderful resources in the world with a higher diversity after the insects. The genus Amanita is one of the most diverse, ecologically and economically important fungal taxa in tropical Africa. It contains both deadly poisonous species and valued edible species. So far, the genus remains unknown and insufficiently documented in tropical Africa. Thus, through my PhD project, I am attempting to trace the phylogenetic affinity of West African taxa of Amanita and their current geographic distribution, origin and diversification patterns. This project will reveal the diversity, toxicity, origin and evolutionary history of Amanita from a global perspective, using integrated and interdisciplinary approaches including taxonomy, molecular phylogeny and biogeography.

Amanita masasiensis Härk. & Saarim (Codjia, 2019)

Amanita afrospinosa Pegler & Shah-Smith (Codjia, 2017)