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Hyppolite AIGNON

Molecular systematic and evolution within the Inocybaceae (Basidiomycota, Fungi)

Inocybaceae is an ectomycorrhizal family (EcM) that forms symbiosis with many angiosperms and gymnosperms trees in tropical and temperate region. It includes approximately 1050 accepted species worldwide. Many new species are still being described mostly from the tropics where the diversity has been underestimated for long time. In the present PhD thesis, I am seeking to identifying and describing Inocybaceae taxa by using state of the art molecular and morphological approaches. I will apply a multiple genes rDNA (ITS, nLSU and RPB2) molecular phylogeny, confront the phylogenetic positions of the taxa with the morphological boundaries between sections (Inosperma, Inocybe, Mallocybe and Pseudosperma) and species in order to redefine species, genera and section limits.

Inocybe sp. HLA0570, Ivory Coast (AIGNON, 2018)

Inocybe sp. HLA0695, Ouémé Supérieur Forest, Benin (AIGNON, 2019)