Research on fungi to optimize their utility
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Abdel Aziz Boukary

Optimization of spawn production and techniques of culture of four edible saprotrophic fungi

Fungi play a crucial role in the diet and nutrition of local populations in rural Africa. Fungi are commonly harvested in the wild during the raining season. Natural productions are mostly concentrated during a very short period of the year, leading to a less-valorization of the edible fungal resources. There is a need to reinforce the fungi-based food supply in Benin especially in a context where food insecurity prevails over a large part of the population. For my PhD studies, I will develop techniques for the domestication and the production of four native fungal species. The protocols we intend to develop will be adapted to the purchasing power of local farmers, including (1) strategies for best valorization of agricultural by-products, (2) identification of most suitable substrates for each fungal strain, (3) mastering the growth conditions of the strains in controlled environment in order to maximize the yields. At the end of this dissertation, a protocol to produce fungal seeds for all 4 species is elaborated. It is our aim to transfer the production protocol to local farmers via the production and extension of technical manuals for fungi production. We will secure strategies to secure a permanent supply of fungal seeds the farmers throughout the year.

Lentinus squarrosulus in natural habitat, Penjari National Park, Benin (TCHAN, 2018)

Volvariella volvacea harvested from natural habitat (BOUKARY A.A, 2019)